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IlievSoft IlievSoft is a software company situated in Plovdiv, Bulgaria that specializes in web development. We have a small, but collaborative team whose knowledge spreads to almost all parts of software web development: website creation and support, database handling, web design, mobile applications, search engine optimization, graphic design, video editing, social network integration and much more. The most important thing for us is customer satisfaction and establishing long-term business relationships. Details


Cloxy Established in 2005, Cloxy offers professional digital marketing solutions: search engine optimization, search engine marketing and adwords campaingns Details


MChaov Martin Chaov is Software Designer. Specialties:XML, HTML, JavaScript, CSS2/3, UI, UX, Creative Details


TTodorova Teodora is a passionate digital marketing executive with a focus on content marketing and social media. She has worn the hats of community manager, social media manager, blogger, content writer, translator and teacher. Follow her on Twitter at @Teodora_A_T Details


Angelina Buchvarova Angelina has a soft spot for content marketing, copywriting, marketing research and of course - fashion. She has been working as an Account Manager, Social Media Writer, Copywriter and Researcher. Angelina completed her studies in the UK, in the marketing and advertising domain. Details