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Menswear Basics Menswear Basics

The basics of BUSINESS WEAR are designer shirts, designer trousers, suits and dress shoes.

If you aren't sure how to wear bold colors or patterns and stripes, stick with CLASSIC MENSWEAR - solid-colored dress shirts, neutral trousers and silk ties. If you want to be daring and wear patterns, choose one pattern at a time - i.e. a patterned shirt with a solid-colored tie and vice versa. When choosing a suit, make sure it fits you well, this will make you look professional.

A classic suit in black, dark grey or navy will last for years. This is potentially the most expansive part of a man's business wardrobe, so select three or four classically tailored suits, which you can wear again and again.

FORMAL WEAR also includes coats, vests and blazers, so make sure you have a few well-fitted pieces, which will match with your shirts. When choosing casual wear online, consider your lifestyle, your hobbies and needs.

CASUAL WORK WEAR includes button down shirts, with long or shorts sleeves. These come in variety of colors, fabrics and prints and they allow men comfortable, yet professional work. Polo shirts are also very popular for their comfort. When it comes to trousers, straight leg pants and cargo jeans are the most popular choice of men. They can be worn in a professional setting, and cargo jeans come in various designs and looks. They offer versatility, style and comfort. You can also easily find pieces of clothing which are business casual.

Generally, BUSINESS CASUAL is characterized by plain polo shirts or long-sleeved casual shirts, khaki pants, v-neck sweaters, sport coats or blazers, and leather shoes or loafers. The business casual look is an easy way to look professional, yet be you and offers a nice transition from work to evening meetings.

Another choice of menswear is the so called FRIDAY CASUAL. It includes all the business casual clothes, and in some companies it can include jeans, T-shirts and sports footwear.

BASIC GUIDELINES: short-sleeved shirts are always casual, or business casual; khaki pants are business casual; tank tops, shorts and sandals are weekend and holiday wear, not business wear; button-down oxford shirts and loafers are business casual; blazers and sports coats are business casual for some businesses and dressy for others.