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Tuxedo Basics

In men’s fashion there is nothing more masculine or stylish than a tuxedo. A tuxedo is a style that is flattering to most male figures and it can never go out of style. If you are still wondering whether to get a tuxedo, know that it is a piece worth investing in. The classic tuxedo comes in black with lapels and a matching bow tie, but there are plenty of other options. Before you purchase a tuxedo, let’s look at the basics.

The tuxedo is most definitely the outfit's centerpiece. Single-breasted tuxedos are the most widely accepted, while double-breasted are less popular. 

Tuxedo's Elements:

* The Buttons: Metal buttons are not suitable and all buttons should match. The ideal color is black or as close as possible to the lapels. Similarly to a suit jacket - the tuxedo's sleeve must have 4 buttons, touching each other.

* The Lapels: The lapels depend on the occasion the tuxedo is designed for. For instance, the most formal lapel style is peaked. Another formal style is the shawl collar. Fans of business casual clothing will wear notch lapels. Check whether the left lapel has a buttonhole - for the boutonnière to give the tuxedo a certain (flowery) kick.

* The Vents: The unvented jacked is recommended for a formal event and if you are slim. Double vents have the benefits of easy 'storage', as the pockets are easy to fish into. 

* The Facing: The Facing could be made from various materials, varying from smooth & gentle satin silk to grosgrain. The only thing you need to bear in mind is that the satin facing will call for a glossier bow tie.

Tuxedo's Fundamentals

A tuxedo that is the right fit for you should reign over every other factor. A good fit usually comes with a higher price but it’s worth the cost as you can wear it for years. Tuxedos are the top formal wear so you need to choose well. A good fit and quality are must haves. Before you choose the color, decide upon the details you want the tuxedo to have. If you are not sure about your choice, pick a grosgrain notch lapel which flatters every man’s frame.

If you want a little twist, pick midnight blue over black. This color was originally the most popular option. One of the reasons why it’s a better colour than black is because it looks better under any lighting and gives that touch of luxury. Blue is also more versatile and you can match tuxedo jacket with wool trousers or chinos.

If your tuxedo is not black with peak lapels you can easily wear it like a suit. Pair it with a dress shirt and don’t be afraid of colours – gray or burgundy look great with a tuxedo. The little details are what create a unique gentleman style so pay attention to colours and matching. Once you know the rules of wearing a tuxedo you can try to break some of them.

After you've read this article, there is really no valid excuse for not purchasing a piece of what is truly considered a piece of armor to men. Again, seek versatility to avoid style mayhem. 

So what is your tux like? Let us know about your experience wearing a tuxedo in the comment section! 


Authors: Teodora Todorova and Angelina Buchvarova

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